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Add a testing feature for APIs I follow

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Ability to search for an API

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Newsletter with examples of API consumption

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A weekly newsletter on new APIs and how people are using them. It's never a bad idea to have an API in toolbox ready to use for the perfect solution.


Search APIs by vertical

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Ability to search APIs by vertical in the Follow APIs section.


Key Features of Python You Need to Know in 2024

Shivani Salavi yesterday at 5:25 a.m. 0

In this article, we'll go through the principal Python highlights you'll have to be aware in 2024!

1. Python is a very developer-friendly language, so anyone can learn it in a few hours or days with Easy to Code. When compared to Java, C, C++, and C#, Python is one of the easiest object-oriented programming languages to learn. In Python, an errand that necessities muddled coding in different dialects is diminished to a solitary line of code. This is Python's essential benefit.

Make sure you are well-versed in all aspects of Python, from the fundamentals to the advanced level, before moving on to the following section. Joining the Python Course in Ahmednagar with placement assistance is a good option if you're looking for a comprehensive Python career program. You will actually want to dominate the Different Special cases, classes, Uh oh ideas, word reference, and some more, and construct genuine tasks.

2. Open Source and Free Software Python is a programming language that is free to use; As a result, anyone can learn and improve the language. In this online forum, thousands of Python programmers discuss ways to improve the language. Using these open sources, you can get the solution for your commercial applications for free. Personalization also speeds up development and makes the fundamental codes better. Python can be used on any operating system, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, and it can be downloaded for free.

3. Because it enables code to be more visually appealing, support for GUI, or Graphical User Interface, is one of the most important features of any programming language. Python is one of the most well known programming dialects since it gives an extensive variety of GUI or graphical UIs that can be effectively incorporated into the mediator.

4. Object-Oriented Methodology The object-oriented methodology of Python is one of its most significant features. This suggests that Python comprehends the idea of class and object encapsulation, which enables applications to improve their efficiency over time.

5. High-Level Programming Language Python is a high-level programming language, which means that when you write code in it, you don't have to worry about how the language manages memory or how the code is structured. This suggests that we do not need to remember the system architecture or manage memory when writing Python programs. A small amount of Python code can be written and compiled in either C or C++. This makes it easier for programmers to use.

6. Profoundly Compact Language

Python's essential advantage is that a profoundly compact programming language can run on any working framework. Let's say you're developing software for Windows but want to run it on a Mac or Linux machine. Utilizing python, there is no need to change the code. You can play out exactly the same thing on a Macintosh or a Linux PC. (Python Training in Ahmednagar)

7. Coordinated commonly

Python is, by definition, a coordinated language. This indicates that the Python interpreter executes each line of Python code independently. We don't have to write Python code, unlike other object-oriented programming languages, which makes debugging much simpler and faster. The fact that Python code is immediately translated into byte code upon execution is yet another advantage. As a result, execution becomes much simpler and runtime is saved in the long run.

8. Incredibly Unique

Python, as recently expressed in the article, is one of the most unique programming dialects accessible today. This implies that the sort of a not entirely set in stone during runtime as opposed to during arrangement. As a result of this element, we don't need to characterize the sort of the variable during coding, which saves time and upgrades proficiency.

9. Python includes a large number of libraries that can be imported at any time and immediately used in a particular program. Due to the inclusion of a wide range of standard libraries, you won't have to write all of the code because you can import it from existing libraries. Unit testing, regular expressions (regex), website browsers, and numerous other components are all part of Python. (Python Classes in Ahmednagar)

10. Supportive of Other Languages Python is one of the most adaptable programming languages available because it is built into C and can run code written in Java, C, and C#, among other languages. This embeddable element of Python is exceptionally useful to the designers.

11. Support from the Community Python is a popular open-source programming language worldwide. Since Python was developed in the 1990s, the programming language has had ample time to develop and mature. As a result, developers of all levels, from novice to expert, can benefit from it. Instructional exercises, manuals, digital books, and articles are promptly accessible as study apparatuses. Every Python issue can be resolved. (Python Course in Ahmednagar)

12. Python is a versatile programming language that can be applied to a variety of tasks. Examples include desktop app development, software development, back-end web development, mobile app development, and software development. Additionally, it is used to perform mathematical calculations and process large amounts of data. Python can also be used to write system scripts.


Career Opportunities in Interior Design: From Freelancing to Full-Time Jobs

hiteshpatilmentor 3 days ago 0

Interior design is a dynamic and creative field that offers a wide array of career opportunities. Whether you're a fresh graduate or an experienced designer looking to explore new avenues, the interior design industry has something for everyone. From freelancing to full-time positions, here's a look at the diverse career paths you can pursue in interior design and how to navigate them. Interior Designing Classes in Pune

1. Freelance Interior Designer

As a freelance interior designer, you have the freedom to choose your projects and clients. Freelancing allows you to work independently, manage your own schedule, and explore a variety of design styles and industries. This career path is ideal for those who value flexibility and enjoy working on diverse projects.


  • Flexibility in choosing projects and clients.
  • Opportunity to work on a variety of design styles.
  • Potential for higher income with multiple projects.


  • Inconsistent income and lack of job security.
  • Need for strong self-discipline and time management.
  • Responsibility for finding clients and marketing your services.

Tips for Success:

  • Build a strong portfolio showcasing your best work.
  • Network with industry professionals and attend design events.
  • Utilize online platforms to market your services and attract clients.

2. Full-Time Interior Designer

Full-time interior designers typically work for design firms, architectural companies, or large corporations. This career path offers job stability, benefits, and opportunities for professional growth. Working in a collaborative environment, full-time designers can gain valuable experience and mentorship from seasoned professionals.


  • Stable income and job security.
  • Access to resources and tools provided by the employer.
  • Opportunities for professional development and career advancement.


  • Less flexibility in choosing projects and clients.
  • Potential for longer work hours and deadlines.
  • May involve working within the constraints of the company’s design philosophy.

Tips for Success:

  • Gain experience through internships or entry-level positions.
  • Continuously update your skills and stay informed about industry trends.
  • Build strong relationships with colleagues and supervisors.  Interior Designing Course in Pune

3. In-House Designer

In-house designers work for a single company, often in the retail, hospitality, or corporate sectors. They focus on designing and maintaining the company's spaces, such as offices, hotels, or retail stores. This role combines creativity with a deep understanding of the company's brand and culture.


  • Consistent work environment and long-term projects.
  • Deep understanding of the company’s brand and design needs.
  • Opportunities for career growth within the company.


  • Limited variety in design projects.
  • Potential for less creative freedom.
  • Need to align designs with corporate guidelines and standards.

Tips for Success:

  • Develop a strong understanding of the company’s brand and culture.
  • Build good relationships with stakeholders and team members.
  • Stay creative and find ways to innovate within the brand’s guidelines.

4. Interior Design Consultant

Interior design consultants provide expert advice and design solutions to clients on a project basis. They may work independently or with design firms, offering services such as space planning, color consultation, and material selection. This role requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills.


  • Opportunity to work on a variety of projects.
  • Flexibility in scheduling and project selection.
  • Ability to establish a reputation as an expert in specific areas of design.


  • Inconsistent income and project availability.
  • Need for strong marketing and networking skills.
  • Responsibility for managing client expectations and project timelines.

Tips for Success:

  • Build a reputation as an expert in specific areas of design.
  • Develop strong communication and client management skills.
  • Network with other professionals and potential clients.

5. Set Designer

Set designers create environments for film, television, theater, and events. This role involves designing and constructing sets that enhance the visual storytelling of a production. Set designers must have a strong understanding of design principles, construction techniques, and the ability to work within tight deadlines. Interior Designing Training in Pune


  • Creative and dynamic work environment.
  • Opportunity to work on a variety of productions and events.
  • Potential for high earnings and industry recognition.


  • Long and irregular work hours.
  • High-pressure environment with tight deadlines.
  • Need to constantly adapt to changing production requirements.

Tips for Success:

  • Gain experience through internships or entry-level positions in production companies.
  • Build a strong portfolio showcasing your set design work.
  • Network with industry professionals and stay updated on production trends.

6. Product Designer for Interiors

Product designers for interiors focus on creating furniture, fixtures, and other interior elements. This role involves designing products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, often working with manufacturers to bring designs to life. Product designers need a strong understanding of materials, manufacturing processes, and market trends.


  • Creative and innovative work environment.
  • Opportunity to see your designs come to life as products.
  • Potential for high earnings and industry recognition.


  • Need to keep up with fast-changing market trends.
  • Responsibility for ensuring designs are manufacturable and cost-effective.
  • Potential for less hands-on design work and more collaboration with manufacturers.

Tips for Success:

  • Develop strong technical and material knowledge.
  • Build relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Stay informed about market trends and consumer preferences.


The field of interior design offers a wide range of career opportunities, each with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Whether you choose to freelance, work full-time, or specialize in a specific area of design, mastering the necessary skills and continuously updating your knowledge will help you succeed. Embrace the opportunities, stay creative, and find the career path that best aligns with your interests and goals in the dynamic world of interior design.


Linen Rentals Near Me

marybell1806 4 weeks ago 0

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Discover the Perfect Perfume Scent - Fragrance Shopping Online | Belvish

Belvish 1 month ago 0

Find your signature perfume with Belvish's personalized shopping experience. Explore a curated collection of high-quality fragrances and discover the perfect perfume to match your style and preferences. Shop now and elevate your fragrance routine. As the best perfume store in India, we pride ourselves on offering a premium selection of fragrances that elevate your fragrance routine to new heights.



Mohammed Shaban 2 months ago 0

افخم تصميمات قرميد بلاستيك فى مصر

يمات الحجر الهاشمي وأشكاله

تختلف أشكال الحجر الهاشمى وتصميماته تبعا لطرق تقطيعه وصقله وطبعا يتوقف كل ذلك على الاستخدام الذي سوف يستخدم فيه الحجر الهاشمى سواء للوجهات او الاسوار او فى ديكورات خارجية او داخليه وايضا نوع الحجر المستخدم ومقاساته وساعدت كثيرا التكنولوجيا الحديثة فى تطوير طرق الصقل والتشكيل للحجر الهاشمه واصبح هناك مجال واسع لتعدد التصاميم وسهولة فى تنفيذها ، ومن اشهر أشكال حجر الهاشمه الحجر الناعم ، و المشطوف و حجر الهاشمه الانتيك ، وش الجبل وهى المشهورة فى الوجهات والديكورات الخارجية للمبانى والفيلات ، اما بالنسبة للديكور الداخلى فأشهر التصميمات للحجر الهاشمه رقبة جمل ، و حجر المجدولة و ضهر الحيا و المنحوتة وايضا تكسية الاعمدة و الحفر المسدودة فى الحوائط و الدفايات الحجرية وغيرها من الديكورات الداخلية الجذابة التى تعطي لمنزلك الفخامة والجمال وعكس ذوق رفيع للعميل ولا ننسى ابدا ان الجودة والحرفيه فى تنفيذ اعمال الحجر الديكورية هى الاساس للحصول على لمسة جمال فى منزلك وهو ما ستجده فى لشركة الثقه للديكور والواجهات ، أيضا يصنف الحجر الهاشمه على حسب طريقة صقله فمثلا نجد منه المشطوف احواف على زاوية 45 درجة ومنه الحجر المفرز و المكبسن ومنه ايضا صاحب خطوط عرضية على مسافات قريبة ومنه البرامق ومنه ايضا المنحوت كالاعمدة .

القرميد الفخارى قرميد فخار

قرميد اسباني



Mohammed Shaban 2 months ago 0

سعر القرميد السعودي فى مصر

أنواع الحجر الهاشمي

  • ● حجر هاشمي الأحمر: يستخرج من جبال سانت كاترين، يعتبر من أفخم وأرقي الأنواع، لونه خمري رائع ويتميز بصلابتهِ المطلقة ونحتهِ المتميز، وهو الأغلى سعرًا.
  • ● حجر هاشمي الهيصم: يتميز بصلابته وله لون أصفر مميز مما يعطي شعور بالعراقة عند استخدامه في الوجهات.
  • ● حجر هاشمي كريمي: يتميز باللون الكريمي الفاتح ويسهل توظيفه في الديكور الداخلي، ولكنة اقل في الصلابة من الهيصم.
  • ● حجر هاشمي الراس: يتميز بلونه البيج ويعتبر من الأحجار النادرة الوجود وهذا يزيد من سعرة.
  • ● حجر هاشمي80: يعتبر أقل الأنواع جودة من حيث الصلابة والسمك كما أن يظهر عليه البقع ولكن هو أرخص الأنواع فيلجأ إليهم البعض.
  • ● حجر هاشمي الأبيض: لونه أبيض مميز ويسهل تشكيله.
  • ● حجر هاشمي وش الجبل: يتميز بالمرونة فيعتمد عليه إعطاء شكل البومبيه والمنحنيات.

طرق تركيب الحجر

  • ● ميكانيكيا حيث يتم تثبيت الأحجار باستخدام المسامير والزوايا الحديدية بشكل ديكوري رائع، هذه الطريقة ملائمة للأحجار الكبيرة حجما، لكنها غالية نسبيا حيث تحتاج إلى فنيين مهرة.
  • ● يلصق بالمونة الإسمنتية وهذه هي الطريقة السهلة ورخيصة في التركيب.
  • ● يلصق مباشرة بمادة قوية اللصق ويمكن لأي شخص أن يركبه بهذه الطريقة خصوصا للحائط الداخلية أو مع الأحجار الناعمة.

أماكن تواجد الحجر الهاشمي في مصر وأسعاره.

  • ● يتم استخراج الحجر الهاشمي من المناطق الجبلية كالمقطم، طرة حلوان، مناطق بالسويس وبني سويف. ويستخرج على شكل كتل يتم تقطيعها.
  • من أشهر المناطق لبيع الأحجار "شق التعبان" بالبساتين و"كرداسة" بالجيزة.
  • يختلف سعر الحجر علي حسب نوع الحجر، الكمية المطلوبة، حجم التقطيع، جودة التشطيب والتركيب.
  • ● الهيصم يبدئ من 200 جنيه للمتر المسطح توريد وتركيب في القاهرة وضواحيها.
  • الكرنيش تحسب بالمتر الطولي.

لهذا إذا كنت تمتلك مبني فلا تتردد في إضافة لمسة الحجر السحرية إليه سواء في الوجهات وفي الديكورات الداخلية أيضا، حتى وإن كلفك الأمر في البداية فتذكر أنَ الحجر يعيش طويلاً دون أنْ يفقد قيمته أو جماله الخلَّاب

سعر القرميد الفخارى

احدث التشطيبات باستخدام افضل انواع القرميد