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Massage is a great healer and it has been recommended for one and all. Even a newborn child receives his first massage from his grandmother or mother to protect him from the cold and body pain. They lovingly give massages to the new member of the family. Similarly in old age, people face different kinds of joint pain and body ache and people get massages done to relieve themselves of the pain. It has been widely used across the world as a part of beauty treatment among the youth. So massage is nothing new to the world. However, there are not many who perhaps would not know the conditions under which massage should be avoided.
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Fever and Flu

Women affected with Fever and Flu
Women are recommended to avoid massage for the reason of Fever and Flu.

During the flu the body is already in a worked-up condition. It is already trying hard to get rid of the infection and it is overworked. Under these stressed conditions the last thing the body would want is to take up the stress of a massage. The process of massage helps the body flush out the excess toxins which would work up the already ill system. Under these circumstances, it is best to leave the body to rest and take the required medication and good food for recovery. So if the body is in the process of recovery a massage should be avoided.

Contagious Disease

As the word, contagious suggests it is a disease which can spread from touch. Any kind of touch during this period should be avoided. The therapist you are visiting, and the team around working for you will be at the risk of taking up the infection. The risk of other people visiting the spa taking up infection also is at an all-time high. Massage increases the blood circulation in the body which could be a reason for the infection to intensify. Therefore any kind of massages in this period should be avoided.

Blood clot

A massage goes through a rigorous process of pulling and stretching to make the body more flexible. This creates intense pressure on the nerves and arteries of the body. Your nerves might have a blood clot which might loosen out in the process and start travelling to different other parts of the body which could also be a reason for an attack. People with clots in any part of the body should consult their doctor before taking a massage. best spa in chennai


Pregnancy is the time when the body is in a delicate form. People need to be very conscious of any unwanted movement and stretches of the body which might cause harm to the baby. Massage entails a lot of movements and deep tissue pressure which would cause harm to the pregnant woman. There are many doctors and therapists who specialise in prenatal and postnatal massages. Under the circumstances, a gynaecologist should be consulted and any massage therapist should be referred by the doctor.

Kidney and liver ailment

The kidney and liver are two organs which function for the disposal of waste from the body. Massage is a process which enhances the process of waste disposal. Therefore if the body is not functioning at its best any kind of massages should be avoided. Especially in the case of a kidney and liver malfunction, a massage would enhance the process of throwing out toxins from the body which would create unwanted pressure on these two organs.


Cancer patients should avoid massages to the affected part of the body. Especially in those parts where there is a growth of tumours. All the organs in and around it are in an extremely sensitive condition. Any extra pressure on these body parts would create discomfort to the patient. People in these circumstances should consult a doctor if they want to go ahead with a massage procedure. There is a myth that a massage to the cancer-affected part of the body will spread the disease to the other parts. This myth does not have any scientific authentication, however, is widely believed among people.


An inflamed portion of the body should not be massaged. The inflammation can be for any reason. It can be an infection, a broken bone or tissue or any other issue which needs the attention of a doctor. Inflammation should be first checked by a doctor and any kind of massage should be done post the consultation and as per the recommendation of the physician.


If you have high or uncontrolled blood pressure skip your massage therapy. Massage enhances the blood flow in the body as per therapists, it might affect the body adversely and raise the pressure. It is said to work on your sympathetic nervous system which releases the tension and raises the blood flow in the body. If you are going through high blood pressure go back to medication to allow the hypertensive nerves to relax before you book your time with your massage therapist. https://www.riverdayspa.com/

The goodness of massage is uncountable and people should go ahead and avail it on a regular basis. However, under special circumstances, it should be avoided. Once you are well and your physician allows you to go for a massage. Go ahead and avail our therapy at a store near your locality. We at River Salon Day Spa are good with massages and beauty treatments. best spa in chennai
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