All you need to know about What is tajweed – From A to Z

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What is tajweed? - If your are a new student studying the Quran, you will probably hear the term "Tajweed" a lot. The regulation of Tajweed plays an important role in Quran recitations and Quran study generally.

This post, along with the Sabil AlQuran site, will explain what Tajweed is and why it is important, as well as the key principles of Tajweed that every Muslim must know.

What is tajweed?

We should ask about this because "Tajweed" (or "Tajwid") is a term that is often used in context of Quran recitation.

It is derived from the Arabic term "ltjwyd", which means "improvement" and "making something extraordinary."

Tajweed is the Quran reading and recitation.

A set of phonetic and linguistic standards used in reciting Quran to correctly repeat it, just as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This is one the most important sciences in Islam and Quran.

It is a science that controls by deep-rooted static laws, which originate from:

After hearing the revelations from the Angel Gabriel, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), recited the Quran orally.

This is also known as the art of preventing your tongue from making mistakes when you recite Allah's words.

Study the Quran using tajweed rules and you'll be able to correctly pronounce the letters in Quranic verses.

It can also be used to recite Quran with a beautiful voice.