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Daniel Baron 6 years ago updated by adeel 1 year ago 3

The people over at Eventbrite offer a platform for event organizers to keep track of their events and see the ticket sales. On the other hand, visitors can get their tickets off of their platform.

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com

API Documentation: https://www.eventbrite.de/developer/v3/

Under review

Filter spam from APIs

Kelly 6 years ago updated by tempat percetakan 3 months ago 31

The company I work for supports integrations for over 150 different API's and growing, one of our key issues is actually staying up to date and being notified of upcoming changes to api's. As we have found many companies do not even have a policy currently while others like mailchimp have an awesome 'low frequency mailing list' that is only API change updates.

This is relevant because if I am receiving a digest of the apis I follow and (some api) updated some text that does not actually effect end users at all because it is not a feature change, version update, or a new release with new features. Let us pretend they do that 6 times that day, do I receive all that noise?

I think it would be great to have a way to filter that on your end so we can only receive critical updates about api's. Those would include but not be limited to: new releases containing new features, version changes, deprecating changes, migration of any sort.


Add Paypal API

ines 6 years ago 0


casinositewiki 5 months ago updated by new zilong 3 months ago 7

The safe casino site boasts the largest quality of online casinos and is a safe playground that you can use more safely.



Facebook Messenger

Nick 6 years ago updated by Coins Bazaar 3 weeks ago 10

The Messenger API is arguably the most important API for bot developers. Messenger is the most popular platform for consumer facing bots, and the API is updated frequently. So you'd be helping a lot of developers by supporting it.

Documentation: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform


payooner api for payment integration through payonner

junaidgulzar0786 6 years ago updated by Techloyce LTD 2 months ago 4

Hello I need Payooner api for payment integration through payooner



Gender equality, is it so important to our current society between women and men??

mpendwaeric 6 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 2

changes are needed in our society and some of people do like equality.

how do you see this??


Discussions around APIs

ines 6 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 49

Maybe discuss about APIs? Every API could have a "discussion" tab where developers can ask questions and owners can answer in a Product Hunt / Hacker news fashion. This would have helped us back when we were designing the Marketcloud API, we were asking for feedback to developers who signed up in our platform, but it was not easy to ask for opinions and get answers.


Cycle through changes in the Changelog

ines 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Identifying the first change is easy, but finding the following changes is really hard. Is there a way to cycle through them?


Best Astrologer In Chennai |Astrothoughts

astro thoughts 6 months ago updated by Nisha Jha 6 months ago 3

Finding the Best astrologer in Chennai is a challenging task for us. Because if you are seeking advice from others, you become more innate and less judgmental. Several questions arise in mind. If he will be a well-informed astrologer or he will have adequate experience or be able to feel my situations and communication well. Understanding is different and understanding others is quite different.

Follow these facts When Choosing the Best Astrologer In Chennai

Instruction and Experience of Astrologers

Instruction and experience play an essential role to find out the Best Astrologer in Chennai. You may arrive across a so-called astrologer who does not have a deep knowledge of astrology. Astrology is science and, it has come in evolution since the time immortal from different parts of the world. Solving the movement of celestial movement and its exposure is not a child's play.

So, you had better be conscious of the knowledge and experience of astrologers. You will be on the right way. Knowledge, experience, instinct, and the ability to trace astrological mysteries in an enunciated manner make an astrologer respected and revered in his profession.

Positive Feedback and Testimonial of Astrologer Read the Positive feedback and testimonial of the Astro Thoughts astrologer. You will not come under the incitation of any fabrication. Name and respect will give you a solid appearance as an astrologer because popularity has to make and it does not reach from simple work. But here, it depends on whether you can determine an honest review from a fake one.

Purity of Astrologer

If you find yourBest astrologer in Chennai is convincing too much for the expensive solution and trying to threaten you about the bad results of the future, you should be careful. You are not with the right astrologer. Reality and truth always go with your inner feelings and soul. But, the superficial comment will make you feel confused and afraid. He will make you feel guilt-stricken and use you according to his way. So, you may dedicate a mistake and go for his expensive solution without asking any relevant questions. A good astrologer will never make you feel afraid but, he will collaborate with you above all. He will tell you everything right and discuss your positive side, promising time of investment, business burdens, and job substances in the future but optimistically. It does not operate here as a costly treatment of a doctor who is involved in dishonest approaches and makes his patients the prey of overmedication and overdiagnosis.

Knowledge and Specialities of Astrologers

Best Astrology is a general science and, it has minute weaknesses to predict astrological statements. Those astrologers who are experts in finance and business will give you the proper advice for business enterprises and investment portfolios. Some astrologers may be the educational expert and, they will guide you in professional philosophy well preferably than the financial aspect. But Astro thoughts Astrologer Provides Best Services are Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot card reading, Vedic astrology, Auspicious Period, Kundli Matching, and Chinese astrology are different by their analysis and knowledge but, you should know that every way guides to Rome.

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