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Filter spam from APIs

Kelly 5 years ago updated by yasa 2 months ago 4

The company I work for supports integrations for over 150 different API's and growing, one of our key issues is actually staying up to date and being notified of upcoming changes to api's. As we have found many companies do not even have a policy currently while others like mailchimp have an awesome 'low frequency mailing list' that is only API change updates.

This is relevant because if I am receiving a digest of the apis I follow and (some api) updated some text that does not actually effect end users at all because it is not a feature change, version update, or a new release with new features. Let us pretend they do that 6 times that day, do I receive all that noise?

I think it would be great to have a way to filter that on your end so we can only receive critical updates about api's. Those would include but not be limited to: new releases containing new features, version changes, deprecating changes, migration of any sort.

I would love to add that I think this your company is very much in demand! I have spent the last three weeks sourcing the api change alert policy for each company we support.

Under review

Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions Kelly, and for inaugurating our brand new forum!

In the next few weeks we will be enhancing the changelog notifications greatly, so we can identify and scope changes in greater detail, and become better at notifying the community. You'll hear about this in our weekly email.

In the long term, our vision is to allow you to have greater control this, for instance giving you the ability to subscribe to certain endpoints of the API... However in this first phase our goal is to improve the quality of the notifications and the periodicity.

And yes, we really want to help API providers and consumers work more closely together!

Thank you very much for the information that is very useful..Penyebab Keputihan Saat Hamil

Thank you very much for the information that is very useful..Penyebab Keputihan Saat Hamil