Push documentation changes to Slack

ines 5 years ago updated by Isse Kay 4 weeks ago 14

We've completed an integration with Slack. Check out this article to learn how to get API notifications in Slack.

Can't seem to find the RSS button on the api pages anymore?

We've completed an integration

Hi Matt! It's actually a regression from our last deploy.

Our engineers are looking into this, in the mean time if you add .rss at the end of the API url, you will still be able to copy paste the feed. For example, here's the rss feed for the Twitter API: https://www.hitchhq.com/twitter.rss

I'll give you a heads up when this is fixed, thanks for reporting!

She made the change last night, Jan 21, months after announcing the birth of her and Zayn Malik's daughter at the end of September.

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