Why do we need software testing?

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Software testing is an essential process in the development lifecycle of any software application. It involves executing the software with the intention of finding defects or errors, as well as ensuring that it meets the specified requirements and performs as expected. Here are some reasons why software testing is crucial:

Identify defects: software Testing helps in identifying defects or bugs in the software. By running different test cases, testers can uncover errors or inconsistencies in the code, logic, or functionality of the software. Finding and fixing these issues early in the development process saves time, effort, and resources. Software testing classes in pune


Ensure software quality: software Testing plays a significant role in ensuring the quality of the software. It helps in verifying that the software meets the expected standards, requirements, and user needs. Quality software is reliable, efficient, user-friendly, secure, and performs as intended, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.

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Software testing is essential because it identifies any issues or defects in the written code, allowing them to be corrected. Software Testing is to ensure that product will be delivered will meet customer's need/  get reviews or could help to solve their problem.